NSN History

Our History

2013-logo-medNational Sales Network (NSN) was founded in 1992 by a group of Sales and Sales Management professionals in Newark, New Jersey.

Since its inception, the organization has experienced explosive growth. Seventeen chapters have been established nationwide in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, NY/NY, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, South Florida, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Washington DC.

In September of 1996 the organization conducted its first national conference in Somerset, NJ. Since that time conferences have been held in: Chicago 1997, Philadelphia 1998, Washington DC 1999, Atlanta 2000, Houston 2002, Detroit 2003, Dallas 2004, Chicago 2005, Atlanta 2006, Washington DC 2007, Atlanta 2009, Orlando 2010, Houston 2011, Baltimore 2012, and Chicago 2013. We are looking forward to Dallas in 2014.

Conference attendance has grown significantly over the years and the NSN conference has become the premier event of the year for sales professionals to attend. The diversity career fair has also grown to include over 45 companies that provide major career opportunities for conference attendees.

Today, the Network continues to serve the professional needs of the sales professionals, regardless of industry, location or job level.

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